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Agile mindset

I've delivered global and local solutions using various approaches. Traditional Waterfall, Agile, and even RAD (Rapid Application Design), a form of Agile, used to get away from the perceived short falls of developing software using Waterfall. That said RAD is more of a technique for writing software but Agile is a mindset and approach.

What projects is Waterfall suited to?

  • Projects with partner organisations and/or remote workers.
  • Well-defined projects, with a fixed scope, time and budget.
  • Projects where client contact can be challenging.

What projects is Agile suited to?

  • Projects with scope for changing requirements.
  • Undefined projects with an involved client.
  • Where the main deliverable can be broken down and produced (and even released) in incremental discrete packages, with no dependency on functions outside of the iteration.

With Agile also come the flavours of Scrum or Kanban, which are sometimes combined for a Scrum-Ban methodology. The key to being 'agile' is to be flexible and knowing which approach to use.

Agile can be confusing so read more to understand agile.

Kanban wall showing agile working as part of building a Data Driven Company
Agile isn't just about the kanban board

Business process

As an Agile BA and holder of the internationally recognised, BABOK aligned, BCS Diploma in Business Analysis (issued in the UK by ‘The Chartered Institute for IT’), my eye isn't just on the user stories and business rules. As well as acting as the BA, Scrum Master, and Project Manager, my successful transformations had to look at the bigger picture and build upon the pillar of business process.

People are impacted; processes can be streamlined or dropped; new processes designed. Change Management is critical.

Process mapping is nothing new and I've seen it done in a variety of ways, often confusingly, and to no particular standard. Process diagrams are common artefacts and are invaluable for a number of reasons; they build understanding and help to identify gaps in the to-be processes. Done well, process maps will aid the understanding of all stake holders and can be used for change management.

Business processes diagrams must be readable and for that, I adhere to the internationally recognised BPMN 2 standard, perfect for the business user rather than IT.

BPMN2 process diagram
BPMN 2 diagram


Ideally the project team will consist of engaged stake holders, easily accessible for face to face discussion. These people will become the Change Champions; the influencers, infecting others with their knowledge, vision and enthusiasm.

Outside of the project team, people will determine the success or otherwise of the transformation. For the strategic transformation of turning AXA into a Data Driven Company, a program of closely monitored change was initiated to ensure that the new systems and processes were supported by an upskilled and empowered workforce.

Team success

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If you would like to know more about how I've helped to transform some the world's biggest and well known businesses, across diverse industries in the United Kingdom, Singapore, and Hong Kong, then please drop me a line. Let's have a chat and I'll buy the coffee!

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Turn your idea into digital reality

Many of my clients requiring web design have been small or start up businesses and need a lot of guidance. I love these kind of projects as I feel I can be a part of a new and exciting business from the very beginning!

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